4 Running Basics for Beginners

Are you a runner, or do you hate anything that even comes close to a slow jog? 

Were you forced to run the mile in high school and hated every minute of it, or did you breeze through it like a natural-born marathon runner?

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Is Vitamin D In Your Arsenal of Daily Supplements? What's Your Dosage?

For the longest time it was always drummed into us that older women in particular need calcium for strong bones. I was at my gynecologist the other day and while updating my medication / supplementation list and talking about the repeat bone scan, I told her I wasn’t very religious about taking daily calcium these days, favoring eating leafy greens daily instead. She then told me that the recommendations are changed, but to make sure that I was taking Vitamin D. I personally stop taking Vitamin D during the summer months, thinking I am outdoors enough and should have it covered. Nope, I was informed I should take at least 1000 mg during the summer. Hmm, I decided to do some research and low and behold look what pops up the same day no less! Read More